China's Hydrogen Markets

1 July - 21 July 2020
A series of interactive workshops led by Shenzhen-based hydrogen and fuel cell expert, Hack Heyward

The Future of China’s Hydrogen Industry

China’s Hydrogen Markets is a series of short, sharp analysis of China’s growth in key hydrogen market sectors. Hydrogen has the potential to become one of the global economy’s largest commodity. China is the largest global market and so what happens in China can have dramatic impact on the growth of hydrogen due to the economies of scale available to reduce the costs of hydrogen technologies.

4 workshop modules led by Shenzhen-based hydrogen and fuel cell expert, Hack Heyward.

Each module will run for three hours and include a presentation on a specific topic facing China’s hydrogen energy industry. A China resident for over a decade, the Hack Heyward has closely followed the Chinese hydrogen market, consulting for a variety of foreign companies looking to develop Chinese partners and for Chinese hydrogen firms looking to export to Europe.

He will provide an updated analysis of 3 key Chinese hydrogen markets: industrial clusters, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in addition to giving attendees a richer understanding of what is happening overall with hydrogen in China.


The Benefits of the China’s Hydrogen Markets workshop series

• It's Interactive: Q&A with your course leaders and a chance to network with other attendees

• It's Complete: 4 workshops for a full understanding of the Chinese business, Government and culture

• Slides and Recordings: Receive all recordings and slides to learn at your own pace

• No Travel: All workshops are delivered online, ideal for your new WFH office

• Access the World Hydrogen Leaders platform and begin network with fellow attendees.



12:00 - 15:00 CET Paris

20.00 - 23.00 Sydney /18.00 - 21.00 Hong Kong / 14.00 -17.00 Dubai / 06.00 - 09.00 New York









Hydrogen Grid Storage & Back Up Power

12:00 - 15:00

The Back Up Power and energy storage industry in China is developing to offset grid intermittency from rising renewables with H2 increasingly being looked at to provide medium term grid-level energy storage and reduce curtailment. Case Study will focus on the Shandong Grid which is similar in size, scope, and targets to Germany.